Wednesday, May 13, 2009


With the coming of my 100th post, also comes the final confirmation. Blogger's been wonderful, but life becomes mundane as a result of constant usage. Hopefully Livejournal will add the much needed zest into my blogging., where it all begins(again). You Blogger users, when will you ever be enlightened? I will pray for your souls, really if i have the time.

Bye blogger.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Life is unfair. Good doesn't necessarily lead to good, neither does being bad result in bad things happening. You steal, cheat and get away with all of that, you lead the good life. Lie your entire life and you get elected. See? Try and help an injured motorist on a highway, you get run over by a speeding SUV. Understand what i'm trying to get across here? Where in this forlorn planet, is the justice every police agency tries to enforce? It was never in existence to begin with, propaganda and his good friend deceit slowly crawled it's way into our minds. Poisoning as each generation lived and died like those before them. 

And when it finally manifests itself, this world will crumble and fall apart as we watch in disbelief.
Life sucks man, but the good part about it all is to live in rebellion. Throw down those "mummy's/daddy's girl/boy" images and extend that arm that will reach towards who you truly wanna' be. 


Sunday, May 10, 2009


The Saw series has got to be the most intricately, time-consuming, bloody show ever produced. I've only just finished watching the second installment and already i'm in awe. Not because i'm a freakin' psychopath struck by cancer and living on a timer, no. It's the way the show's planned, how each sequel is made so that it follows up after the previous film. It takes a genius to even write a script like that, and a prodigal director to execute those scripts and turn them into such films. Okay shut up Christian, you talk anymore you might start getting hate mail from your readers(if any). 

Time to sleep, i'll watch Saw III tomorrow muahahah! 
Too bad that babe had to die.

Friday, May 8, 2009


Wahlao, super boring nowadays. Alphy's been on MC for the last 2 days and that means no school which means rotting at home. Actually not so because i've been in school, either playing badminton or at squash training. Met a whole bunch of new friends, namely Huiling, Kleon, Keith, Kelvin and others whose name i can't spell. I have to run 2.4 km before training and it's not something i'm very okay with because i'm already pretty skinny and running doesn't help my "put on more weight" cause whatsoever. I'll have to triple my food intake from now onwards, MA I NEED MORE MONEY. And she's still delaying my laptop buying, it's always "not right now" or "okay okay soon" with her, don't push it ah i'm telling you!

It's taken Singapore more than a year to catch Mas Selamat, so much for fast and efficient. Pfft, haha!

Okay that's about it for now, bye!

Monday, May 4, 2009


No surprise people, Christian has procrastinated once again. Much to the dismay of his Mother and himself. 

So, i just completed the first of 2 assignments handed out last week. This one is due later at 3pm during Ideation class while the other, a collage assignment is due tomorrow. How am i gonna' complete it by then, i have absolutely no idea. Only divine intervention can save me now. I wouldn't have even completed this assignment if not for the very gracious and very merciful Toh Jia Hui. She decided to help me a little bit, won't say how or i might fail my assignment if Alphy somehow manages to read this. I lured her out of her shell with a possible sushi-dinner and being unable to resist temptation, she gave in. Now i owe her dinner, preferably sushi because i love sushi too. This must be the earliest/latest(depending on how you choose to see it) post i've ever written. Delay any longer my Dad might wake up, and my brother's already preparing for school now. Let me tell you, procrastination and Design school is a catastrophic combination. And this is just the beginning of three long/short years in TP. 

5.15am already, wow. I'm gonna' go brush my teeth and hit the sack now. 

P.S. : Toh, i won't tell the short dude that you secretly have a tremendous crush on him.

Saturday, May 2, 2009


Dinner with my closest friends on Thursday was something i'll remember for a very long time to come. What better way to spend quality time than over a plate of food, animatedly conversing away. I'm pretty sure the people sitting at tables around us were busy looking over their shoulders with disapproving looks on their faces. If the food was good, the company was unbelievable. From poking fun at Weimin's distinct lack of common sense to laughing at me when i slipped while walking on the pavement, we had an absolute blast. 

I pray we will be together forever, and i mean every word i say. I need friends like them at my wedding, after seeing so many best friends of more than 10 years attending each others weddings. All my confidants, people with which i tell my story and my secrets(very little though, heh). 

Here's to best friends, brothers and sisters!
(wanted to yaaaaaaaam seng, but nvm..)

Friday, May 1, 2009


The jury have decided, they hereby find the defendant guilty and sentence him to play Squash for the remainder of his years in Temasek Polytechnic. Okay maybe that was a tad too much, just felt like writing that out to create a "John Grisham" atmosphere. Squash isn't exactly a CCA in TP right now because they decided to close shop due to the lack of trophies during the last academic year. But i'm still gonna' join anyway, i need something to keep my body "fit" during my years there. Who cares if i won't get any CCA points or whatever, screw that shit Weimin. 

Got assignments due next Monday and Tuesday, so more than ample time to complete whatever needs doing. Christian Lee please do not procrastinate any further, you will only damage your health and possibly be the first student in TP history to make Alphy lose his temper. Must hand in assignments on time, must not ask for extensions okay.

It's alright, i understand. I just don't want the past to wreck our lives. Again.